Detroit Mustache Dache

A race full of fuzzy mustaches, Atwater Beer, mustache medals, mechanical bulls, mustache tetter totters, and the Detroit Riverfront. What’s not to love? The Mustache Dache was a fun and unique 5k race.  I decided to wear my cape from the Warrior Dash, a fuzzy stick on mustache, and my newly purchased shwings.

The race was hosted by Run Detroit and the start/finish was at Atwater Brewery. The course was very well mapped out with cheerleaders and cones to guide you along the way. It was pretty windy on the Riverfront today but the course was pretty flat so that helped to make up for the wind. I’m not 100% sure what my time was yet (I actually don’t run many races with a watch) but it was some where in the mid 22’s. I was pleased with my time since it was so windy and I am a tad undertrained right now.

ImageAfter the race they gave you a mustache medal and a chocolate mustache on at stick. Unfortunately, the chocolate didn’t last long enough for a picture but it was pretty cool. There were two main areas to hang out after the race: in Atwater Brewery and an outside beer garden. The beer garden was where you could find the band, teeter totter, and mechanical bull.

Overall, I was very impressed with this race. It was well organized and the course was well mapped out. They even did chip timing which is nice for a fun run (many don’t). I was also impressed with the amount of activities going on after the race. I would recommend this race to all runners, beginners or experienced!


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