St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown 5k Race Review with Post Race Fuel Recipe

St. Patrick's Parade Corktown 5k Race Review with Post Race Fuel Recipe

Today I ran the 32nd Annual Corktown Race in Detroit. This is my third time doing the race and this was the coldest race in 20 years!

One of the things I like about Corktown is that you can pick up your race packet before the event. They give you six days before the race to go to a satellite location to get your bib and shirt. This makes race day a lot less stressful among 8,000 + other runners.

The event is well organized and I appreciate the wave start. It makes reaching your goal time significantly easier. They usually start on time or close too.

The atmosphere is fun and inviting and welcoming for any newcomers. This is a great race for beginners.

There medal and shirt are pretty cool and they give medals out to all finishers. I don’t usually wear the race shirt on race day but for this race I usually do.

Here’s are some tips for running Corktown:

1. Get there early to find parking. Go in the back way. Not off Rosa Parks exit on 75 south. It’s usually a lot easier to find parking.

2. Stay in your assigned wave. This will make the race enjoyable for you as well as others.

3. Run towards the outside of the course. I run just on the edge. It makes navigating by other runners easier and you can enjoy the scenery/spectators more.

4. Get your packet early! Makes race day much less stressful!

For dinner I made a chicken avocado alfredo with brown rice pasta. I adapted the recipe from here


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